I wanted to give you an update on the renovation
what felt like forever (excavation) is now complete and today I saw the floor to my new studio space, the gap to the right is going to be a staircase down to j's new studio space.

I was so happy standing their jumping up with glee and the workers just stared at me smiling.
the other picture is the roof of the garage has also been removed making way for a new floor with steel beams since it will be cantilever 

I also got the most beautiful advent calendar from mary jo hoffman - her blog is so beautiful and you have to check it out.  each advent day is filled with beauties from nature and a poem.

I hope you all are well - talk soon


  1. thanks for the link to Mary Jo blog, beautiful indeed. how lucky you are to received such advent calendar!

  2. I adore my still advent calendar too so much . Mary Jo is a very special person.

  3. Oh my, lots of work still .... (and that in December ....)
    Love the advent calender (Margie's too)


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