hello everyone,
I hope you had a nice weekend
the craft show concluded yesterday and the move out was so seamless - we always try to beat our previous time and we were home at 7pm - it took us just under an hour.  I luckily got in line before it got super busy.  thank you to everyone who came by and visited us - I'm sorry if I wasn't there, I was home sewing and making for the online orders.  I had mentioned on fb that this christmas will be our last one at the ooak show.  due to overwhelming online orders this time of year I feel that it's best to concentrate on that aspect of our business, since we rely on that as our income for the whole year.  we will still be attending the spring ooak show, so you will still see us there.

the images above are from my shibori class that I did on saturday for ooak show customers and we all had such a blast and the results were so amazing.  I might have to do one at the studio - I think I've convinced margie to do it with me, perhaps a printing/dyeing class?

have a great monday folks, I will be off on friday morning to do the puces pop show and excited for a sewing break.


  1. I SO wish I could have gone this year to the OOAK with Margie! We NEED to get together soon, I miss you girls like crazy :) xoxo


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