I'm ending the week with possibly a cold - oh no I can't get sick there's too much to do.  I have been trying to take anything I can to ward off the inevitable.  the show starts in twenty days and each day is so precious and the building of the inventory is never ending.  I possibly might also be doing a show in montreal (waiting to hear if I get in on monday) so there has to be a lot of inventory for that show too.

above is another image of the carry bag in the bure print.  a new fav of mine, I also have the pocket pouches in this version.

if you need me this weekend you know where to find me, chained to my sewing machine.
have a wonderful weekend!


  1. oh no! I always refuse to recognize colds coming on. I think if I refuse to believe in them, that my body will play along and refuse to get sick. I think this works at least 12% of the time ;)

    I hope you can avoid this one and have a good weekend.

  2. hope what you are taking really helps xo

  3. Oh no - Hope you knock that cold out! I just used the best advice and it definitely shortened my cold...nasal spray mist (Arm & Hammer was recommended), lots of water and vitamin C.

    BTW, the bag, as always is gorgeous. Adore your work.

  4. Hi Arounna, sorry to hear you're coming down with something. Propolis capsules may help - a resin made by bees that has been used as a natural remedy for that kind of thing for centuries!

  5. Oh poor you! Take good care and "try" to get at least a bit of rest. It may be what your body is begging for...

  6. The new bag is rockin'! Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. You seriously need to book a vacations after all the end of the year craziness.

  7. Manuka honey mixed with vitamin C crystals. Wish I was closer to come to one of the shows!

  8. When will this bag be available again? I'd love to purchase one!

    1. sorry - I am changing the design with a coloured bottom - I hope to have it listed next week


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