hi everyone
I hope you had a nice weekend, the winter coats have been pulled out - it's getting colder each day. I've been without heat since well the summer.  it was schedule to happen last week but our plumber was sick. I long to work without a scarf, vest, hat and fingerless mitts.  there's certain things I find hard to do with cold hands, like putting rivets on bags - I'm so much slower. and printing is not easy either cause I have to take the mitts off and my hands are so cold.  hopefully there will be heat on the horizon.

above are some images of the weekend - there's a few peeks at some new bags I will be putting online this week, just have to photograph them with the dslr. ever since I started instagraming it gets harder to pull out the big camera.  and how sweet is piper making her own things with her toy machine.  she's got making in her heart.

have a great start to your week friends, stay warm :-)


  1. I don't know how you are managing without heat in this almost wintery weather. I adore that photo of piper .

  2. I echo what Margie just said. You are extraordinary. But I do hope you'll get heat inside as soon as possible !!! Brrr !
    Sending you warm hugs my friend oxox


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