thanks to the overwhelming response to our job opening
we are conducting interviews this weekend and hope to have the new person start next week
we are behind on our show inventory on the bigger bags, so this weekend I will be printing and sewing

I'm excited for the craft show this year, I feel that it's going to be a good one this year
the floor has begun in my studio space, but the extension is still in progress and their estimated date is after the holidays, I am surprised at how relaxed and patient I am, but really what would come out of freaking out, it won't make things happen quicker.  hopefully next week we will have the rads in so we can have some heat, it's getting rather chilly.

thanks again for your support  this week, I really needed it and it definitely raised my spirits

look who I found in my bed, I guess she's having trouble adjusting to her new room
it's okay - I don't mind an extra snuggle buddy.

have a great weekend friends, we are gearing up for one of  the kids favourite day - halloween!
they are so excited, which brings the kid out of me :-)
check out crownflora's shop window - love it!


  1. you might need some sweaters and socks to keep you warm until the heat is on. I could loan you some xo

  2. A time for sweaters and scarves.Will you have some of your great scarves for sale online by the way? Have a nice weekend.

  3. Sweet pic! I'm happy you've found more help getting your products out, just in time for your busy, busy season.
    Hope you're well.


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