hello there
I hope you had a lovely weekend
I spent my weekend sewing pockets to lining and printing like a mad woman, I can't believe how much I got done, I just kept at it and thank goodness a good majority of it got done.

I now have a solid month to sew

with the end of october approaching it might be good to consider timing for your online purchases - if you live in the states and canada you are probably good leaving it till to closer to the end of november with expedited shipping, but if you are international -  it does take longer with standard air service so I wouldn't leave too late.

last year I closed the online shop at the end of october because it was just me in the studio and I had to get all the inventory for ooak, but this year it's been okay so far - so we will be open till probably the week of christmas.

above is a few images from my weekend (when I wasn't working) on IG

enjoy the start of your week!


  1. I can't wait to do my christmas shopping at bookhou

  2. Nice pictures. Would you have some of your lovely scarves available online?

    1. I hope to find the time soon to make them soon

  3. Great. I am looking forward to seeing them :)

    Have a lovely sunny day.

  4. i adore those printed tags! well done and congrats on getting a lot done. i had the opposite...dreams of accomplishing lots of sewing. reality: housework, water problems, and blowing insulation!


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