our house now is our second home that I have experienced renovations, and this place has gone through three stages of renos and this one being the largest one.  what I learned is that patiences is the key and that things get done slowly and it always costs more money than you think.  I also learned that in order to keep things cool with my spouse - I choose my battles, for instances we don't need a deck door that costs the same amount we paid for an entire bathroom plus a cheaper deck door. those things I fight for and others like the colour of grout I leave for him to decide.  the funny thing is after being around us for a few months the contractors know who to defer to for decisions.

the good news is that the upstairs (kids rooms) is almost complete - this weekend the primer will be put on the walls and the installation of the floors will soon follow.

I have a huge hole in the backyard - which is going to be the extension of j's studio and mine.  I feel like it's still a long way to go, but I'm told in a few months I will have walls.  I know that in the end the waiting period will be a blur.

the digging would of been complete today but it's raining here and hopefully monday will not be raining.

I am going to catch up on sewing this weekend and slowly build my inventory for the holiday show.
have a great weekend friends !!


  1. You'll be so rewarded for your patience ! Your space is going to be oh so super awesome !
    Wishing you strength & patience ! Have a good weekend !

  2. Oh, the beautiful things you and j will create in this new studio! It will be worth the wait ~

    1. definitely I agree - it will be worth the wait :-)

  3. Did you find any ancient toronto artifacts when digging that big hole? Which reminds me Liam might enjoy the book holes by Louis sachar

  4. Oh! it's so exciting to see the transformation! I can't wait to visit again and see it all up close :) I miss you and Margie so much!


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