hi there,
I hope you had a lovely weekend, the weather here was rainy and grey which makes it a bit sluggish working in the studio.  I am almost done all the wholesale orders - I think tomorrow everything will be done and I can really buckle down and build the ooak show inventory, plus stock for holiday orders online. last year I got really overwhelmed and closed the shop down around late october.  I don't anticipate that will happen this year, since I have more help (last year it was just j and I)

I told you a few months ago we got a grant to make improvements to the facade of our building.  it looks a lot more finished now, the brick on the top was redone, a new window was put in on the second floor, the tile at the front entry was redone and it got a fresh coat of paint.  there's a few more minor tweeks.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and with the lovely new restaurant next door, it's slowly changing the vibe of our street.  I remember telling people that buying our building 5 years ago was the scariest thing I ever did, but also the best thing we ever did.  when we moved into our neighbourhood it was just starting to flourish and it's been great seeing how the area has developed.

have a great start to your week!


  1. The front of your shop looks wonderful. Can't wait to see you next weekend . Xo

    1. yes - looking forward to have an outing with you and nicole

    2. What??? I need to be there! If I could only tele-transport myself! Shop looks great! :)


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