as the week comes to an end - I realize that this is a thanksgiving long weekend
you know what that means, the next holiday is christmas -  eeeekk!

the kids have an extra long weekend because today is a PD day
the weather has been quite nice these past few day and we hope to spend some time at the park
we ordered the floors for the third floor and it will be installed early next week, so hopefully by next weekend the kids will be in their new rooms - I'm excited to get them settled and organize our living room (where they have been camping out)

thanks so much to everyone who signed up for the shibori workshop - it sold out so quickly :-) 

lately I've been adding more cactuses to my plant collection and I am finally putting to use some of ceramic holders that I've been hoarding.

have a great thanksgiving weekend!
see you tuesday 


  1. i love cacti too and they grow so well in my sunny kitchen. Have a wonderful day today, its going to be gorgeous.

    1. yes - it's the one plant I don't have trouble taking care of
      enjoy the sunshine - see you tomorrow :-)

  2. Beautiful ceramics & cacti ! Yay for the new floor !
    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend, to you & to your lovely family !


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