when you're living through a reno, it's not easy and you dream about sleeping and waking up and it's all done. everyday there's progress and it moves fast sometimes and other times it feels so slow, but I'm hanging in and know that the end result is so worth all of this.  the walls are put up on the third floor electrical is put in and the roof is covered and done, the next step is the inspections, spray foaming the walls and ceiling, putting up the drywall and installing the floors.  I was hoping the kids would have their rooms by school starting. the kids are over the moon about going back to school and having a routine again.

the images above is lliam's room and the opening is a door to a small deck. also on this floor is piper's room, a study and a bathroom. when we planned the third floor we were thinking ahead to the teenage years and wanted a floor just for them and their friends.


  1. Fantastic . Sometimes Liam looks like a teenager now :)have a wonderful long weekend.

  2. It's going to be amazing and so worth the wait. It must be tricky dealing with builders and running a business and being a mama too, good luck for a quick finish. x


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