our most popular bags are the day bags and the small day bags have been selling all summer long and it's a perfect bag for just the essentials, so I made them with the new TOTEM and BURE prints.  I will also have these prints on other products soon.  I actually made the bure print a bit smaller on this bag (accidentally) even though I do like how they turned out I am doing a new screen with the scale similar to the pocket pouches.  so I will have the bure print in the smaller scale available for a limited time.

I've been swamped with work lately, more than usual and I've been going to bed every night at 3:30-4 am and getting up around 9 am and it's killing me, but the piles of work isn't getting smaller so I have to just keep motoring along.  so I will try to visit here as often as I can, but there will be a few days I might not be here.

renos are going well, but I long to scrub this place, there's a constant layer of dirt on everything.

just a heads up that on the weekend I will have a back to school giveaway on instagram


  1. I think I was just waking up when you were posting on Instagram before bed this morning. It is like we live in different time zones and yet we live less than an hour from each other :) I love the bure print and wonder if you could explain where the name came from?

  2. So loving your work have just found you as I have been buzzy making my own pouches. I was so inspired by your prints that I had a go at tye dying some fabric.....I have a long way to go at getting those pesky zips just right.

  3. Super bag!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!)) I've just purchaised it! aaaaaa!)))))

  4. It's fantastic to see these in new prints. I love my small day bag (triangles) so much I've used it all summer; they do fit just the right number of essentials. Such well made bags, beautiful!

  5. It's so very interesting to me to see these :) The print that you call "totem," - I was doodling almost *exactly* this pattern about a year ago, on absolutely everything! I was addicted, I drew it during every terrible meeting at work and all over the edges of every to-do lists or sticky note. I found it so calming to make all those little stacks of triangles, or diamonds cut in two, some colored in, some not. Seeing you make this print makes me so happy, I admire you and your work so much, and now I feel like I have this little thing in common with you! :) Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  6. I love these bags Arounna. The leather straps and zipper pulls are great, and both prints are gorgeous - I can't decide which one I like best. Excellent-ness!


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