hello friends
as usual the week has flown by and prep is underway for the junction flea show on sunday.  I will have some great deals so I hope you will be able to visit.  I will also have different pouches (above) for sale too.  I have only 12 that I listed online - they will be for sale today 12pm EST - please go here for a preview and more details.

I really enjoy doing patchwork - for me it's very meditative.

I look forward to not getting up so early tomorrow, since the tradespeople won't be here.

have a fantastic weekend and come say hi at the evergreen brickworks if you're on the east side of town


  1. Oh wow, these are all wonderful. I could not decide.

  2. I guess this answered my Instagram question :)

  3. They flew off the shelves! :) Well done! I wish I could go with M to visit you at the Junction Flea.

  4. I love these patchwork pouches Arounna! Absolutely gorgeous. Hope you do more of this work soon.

  5. These pouches are so charming. And the Flea looked awesome, I'll have to make a trip down one of these days!

  6. Wonderful little pouches, congratulations.


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