photos courtesy of margie oomen (resurrection fern)
hello everyone,
I wanted to quickly pop in and say hello, it's a holiday today in ontario and all orders will ship out tomorrow.  we normally go to the cottage on the civic holiday long weekend, but the opportunity came up to do the junction flea plus j was not well so we stayed in the city. since I was busy with show prep and on my own - we decided the kids would have more fun being spoiled all weekend by their grandparents.  

thank you to everyone who made it out to the flea - it was great seeing you all !!!
I was hoping to take photos of the surroundings, but was too busy and margie was kind enough to send over some of her photos for me to use (she always has a camera on her) - I will have to return to the brickworks with j and the kids.  I really enjoyed myself and will probably be doing the next brickworks junction flea.  if you're interested in doing the show you should contact them.

p.s. last photo is crown flora's booth - they have been doing the flea since the beginning and never missed a date.

have a great start to your week 


  1. Margie is a gem, how sweet of her to take such great photos & share them !
    Looked like a great show, I hope you all guys had great sales !!

  2. Hope john recovers quickly. I hope they have a regular venue at the brickworks. I love that place!


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