there's something magical about the process of indigo dyeing
I love watching it turn from the green to the blue and how each time you do it, it's always different.  I experimented with a few different fabrics and also the vegetable tan leather.  all with beautiful results.  these fabrics that I dyed will be made into pouches combined with indigo denim.  I hope I have some to show you at the end of the week.  


  1. Love this! Beautiful work :) K

  2. beautiful! I have my baths out and was playing around with over-dyeing the indigo the other day (I am going for green...)
    can't wait to see the beauties you create with the pictured materials!!!

  3. just gorgeous. i love playing with natural dyes but indigo intimidates me for some reason. i really need to get over it and just try it.

    1. oh you would love it, your little creatures would look great with hits of indigo
      I use to feel that way and I took a natural dye class and that help me get over it.
      the vat is a bit finicky but luckily I have margie to guide me.

      p.s. so glad to hear your enjoying your bag xx


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