note to self when folks are coming early in the morning to make a ton of noise - do not go to bed five hours prior.
yesterday was a crazy day with packaging a ton of orders and getting things organized at home for all the tradespeople.  I've been looking forward for the weekend to arrive.  I have to work so much harder during the week so that I can take it easy on our weekend.  I have pulled it off for a few weekends and I have to take advantage of this beautiful weather - my mantra these days is "get outside".

I am loving these new indigo dyed pouches, it's a wide one - around 10in. wide.  the bottom is made from CONE denim woven in north carolina and the indigo part is either linen or hemp - I love how the texture of the fabric is visible and indigo dyeing is really awesome and so much fun.  I think when I make the dipped dyed totes I will have to make this version in the TOTE style.

a huge thank you to all of you for your continued support - thank you so much for your feedback, I really enjoy hearing from you via comments here and email.

I hope you take the opportunity to get outside this weekend.  have a good one :-)


  1. Love these Arounna, when will they be in the shop?

    Happy Weekend!

    Diana x

  2. I am definitely going to spend loads of tie outdoors this weekend . I might even be harvesting my fresh indigo leaves for dyeing:)

  3. Love them! I had a denim base on my last lot of totes and it really does look fabulous. I'm sure they'll run out the door :) x

  4. Save one for meeeeeeeee! :)

  5. Beautiful! Enjoy your weekend, hope you get some rest! /maria

  6. these are beautiful!
    i will keep my fingers crossed
    i will be in time to buy one....

    Patrice A.
    the Netherlands

  7. The pouches look fantastic Arounna, such wonderful depth of colour. We are experiencing some unexpected, glorious winter sunshine and warmth here in Melbourne Australia at the moment. I will definitely be enjoying it while it lasts. I hope you got out in the warmth and sunshine too.


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