it's been a long time since I stopped working early and rented a movie, I still think it was relaxing even though I was doing hand sewing at the same time.

I finally had a chance to take photos of the triangle pouches.  the pouches are super useful and I like to fill my bag with each of the different sizes. 

I am excited to have a great inventory of goods for my trip to montreal next week, the last image is a bunch of new small day bags waiting for straps.  I am always unprepared and I feel that this year has to change (I know it only took 10 years) it's hard to organize yourself when your production is mainly circled around the online shops.  the craft shows for me is always a rush and panic and I am starting to trust myself and things are falling into place nicely.


  1. you should sell the different sized pouches as a set and call them nesting pouches.
    I love all the new prints for your day bags.

    1. great idea! hmm should it be a reduced price?

    2. Not necessarily but maybe a few dollars off :)

  2. Love the idea of nesting pouches - perhaps you could offer the opportunity to mix and match styles?
    The day bag patterns are wonderful!!


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