happy friday!
the prep for puces pop is in high gear and I will have new work to show you next week - this weekend will be spent with family, with a birthday party for my nephew and doing my best to clear up orders in the shop.  starting next week I will have the etsy shop closed early in the week and I will have a notice on the main web shop.  I will be leaving friday  for montreal and not returning till late monday so I won't be able to process orders, I hope you understand.

more furniture goodness from j - this is an adult size chair with beautiful joinery and details - I like that he's added bridle leather to the underside of the felt and he assembles it all with hand carved details and no nail joints.  I wish I could keep this chair, maybe he'll make me one  :-)

I will see you monday - have a great weekend and give someone a big hug xx - too much bad stuff in the world to get down on things. life is great!
much love xxa


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    1. thanks jan - so glad to hear you like it :-)

  2. i sat in that chair on saturday and it was so comfortable as well as gorgeous

  3. That chair is a thing of beauty.

  4. So beautiful! You deserve one of your very own. Have a wonderful weekend ~

  5. Really lovely, he is clever. You are right about life, it is great, thank you for reminding me. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  6. Hi Arounna,
    My husband ordered a clutch for me for mothers day and i just received it in the mail today! I just love it! Perfect timing too since i'm going out with my girlfriends for drinks and live music tonight. Thank you so much.

    Guylaine (in Saskatoon)

    1. wonderful news Guylaine - so glad to hear that you love it!
      have fun xx


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