hello friends,
I hope you had a good long weekend
as you know the past week was show time and I think it's been our ninth year that we've done the ooak show.  a BIG thank you to all of you who managed to come by and sorry to those of you I missed,  we honestly couldn't of had a successful show without your support.  it's really nice to have some face time with you.

today is technically a holiday - kids are both home from school and today is catch up day for all my online orders - I stayed home on sunday (last day of the show) so that I can sew all day.  a thank you to my in-laws for watching the kids during the entire show and also for helping j with the show take down (which is a huge task) above our some photos I took on instagram as well as photos from @d_khounnoraj and @resurrectionfern. the photo that margie photographed of the glass pieces is glass blown by nick chase and terrariums by crown flora - it was showcased in the craft community section of the show.

this week I will have some new bags and I am already thinking about the next thing. the show time always gives me a chance to slow down and have wheels turning about what to do next.

if your off today - have a good one!


  1. i love your momentum. It was wonderful seeing you on friday and bringing home some bookhou goodness.

  2. stunning booth indeed! Tail wags ~moose


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