last night while my mom babysat the kids, j and I spent the evening setting up my booth, I know I say this every season, but I am pretty smitten with the new booth display, I will have photos next week and maybe folks on instagram that are visiting can #bookhou
I am going to resume posts next week - I will have lots of new things to show you and for those of you who can't come to the craft show, the new work will be posted online next week.

if you can come and visit just click the link on my sidebar and will have all the info you need.--->

I wish you a great weekend and hope that it will be filled with lots of family time and relaxation.

sadly the giveaway was not claimed - so the new winner for the giveaway is Caitlin T. please email me

thanks for all your support!!! xxa


  1. I think you are going to have a fantastic show . Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Yay! Thank you so much---I'm emailing you now.

  3. Have a wonderful show - can't wait to see the new things online! Wish I could be there in person!

  4. Wishing I could attend this amazing show ! No such thing over here, even more out of Paris. Lucky Canadians ! xoxo

  5. Have a great show! Too bad I won't be in town...

  6. I love your things. All of it.

    Have a good Easter!



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