the smock apron in blue - I love this piece so much.  I sold 30 of these smock aprons at the qwac, 30 different body types and 30 different ages - I can honestly say, it looked lovely on each of them (even my brother davis) :-). I hope you like these new photos I took of it.

p.s. the beautiful tray michele is holding is a prototype by myself and j


  1. I swoon at every picture i see of your products, they have that unfussy perfection that is so hard to find/create. Just gorgeous, making up my Christmas list early and greedily!;) x

  2. Basics & simple lines are usually winners ! So glad for you that it got sold so well at the show !! xoxo

  3. this is an awesome apron! :)

  4. it is so lovely
    and that tray is so beautiful

  5. Your smock apron is wonderful, something I would love to have. I'm a recent follower of your blog and amazing ideas

  6. The apron is lovely, I like the style & the color.
    However, that tray really caught my eye - so pretty!
    I hope it will be available online. I have several of your
    wood pieces - a lampshade,the mobile,and one of the clouds.

    1. glad you like everything
      sorry the tray is a prototype, way too time consuming for j to make
      he used a kit that makes skateboards, we would need a serious vacuum machine for production .....sigh one day

  7. Oooh, I definitely need a bookhou apron/smock. I think it looks great as a dress too!

    And that tray is absolutely divine. I hope one day you will be able to produce them...

  8. I love it too and I need it! :) /ti

  9. dear anonymous,
    I don't print comments meant to me hurtful and mean
    please don't visit here again your not welcomed

  10. I love this smock! I've been meaning to stitch one for myself like this for ages, but alas, have yet to get around to it like many other things. So simple and beautiful, and that fabric color is divine.

  11. Hi around, how do I order one of these aprons? Thanks, Nicole


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