hi everyone,
today is a holiday in canada, but you know us we are still hard at work, we had a great weekend - I think the kids enjoyed hanging out, everytime I tried to sneak away to the studio they both tackle me to stay a bit longer - such sweet kids.  we had a bit of a chill in the air, it was a surprise since the few days before piper was wearing sandles and no jacket.  it sure is nice to finally get some fall weather.  I wasn't going to post today, but there's so much to share that I had to pop in to say hi.  it was great to have michele come to the studio to model and I'm sure you will see her again, since there's always new things cropping up in the studio.  I wanted to start by showing you new images of work that's already in the shop and move towards all the new stuff.  there's sooooo much photos to go through.  she was wonderful.  also this week I will have a fantastic giveaway...more on that towards the end of the week and for all the local folks, I will be at the junction flea on sunday - last one of the season, I think?

have a great start to your week friends, I hope your weekend was fantastic! xxa


  1. what a beautiful model and pouch
    it was a gorgeous weekend to , wasn't it?

  2. This pouch is beautiful! Can't wait to see it in other patterns. I definitely want one for my stitching tools/projects. :)


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