hi everyone,
well - I had an eventful weekend (those of you who follow me on fb - know what I'm talking about)
the problem is related to copying - which in my field is pretty rampant and kind of crazy.  I was going to ignore it, but I was pretty upset - I usual get a lot of emails from my amazing readers who will alert me of these situations. I was pretty shocked when I put the images side by side and how similar they were in the staging too.  this person did take down their etsy shop and sent me back an email - without going in to details this person said they weren't aware of my work and that it was a coincidence....hmmm? anyways I hope it's behind me.  thanks so much to all of you who commented and sent me emails with your support.  I couldn't tell you how much it meant to me that you had my back.

it was nice to get away from the city if only for a little while, the kids loves birthday parties, you can see in the photo with the candles - piper's happiness. I cut her bangs (first time cutting her hair) on the weekend and just about cried, she looked different to me for that split second and my eyes welled up.  I think it means she's growing and not little anymore and that feeling tugged on my heart.  she loves her new do and that's the only thing that matters.

it was also nice to pay margie a visit - tamara and lilli were also there and it was nice to spend a little time on the porch chatting.  lilli is such a lovely little baby, so calm and very aware of everything around her - I love this photo I took of margie and lilli - so much love.

have a great start to your week! sending you all big hugs xxa


  1. Arounna, it's nice to know you had a good weekend after all, and that "the thing" is now behind.

  2. The bigger you are the more copycats you have, but still ... enough is enough. (specially when the copycats claim they didn't even know about your existence, what a lie !!) You have my full support concerning this.
    Aww lucky duck to be able to visit M & L (and all the family of course) ! I wish I had been there too ! L & M look as cute as ever !
    Looking forward to showing you the shop, I've worked hard all weekend LOL

  3. I'm glad it's behind you too and the other person responded the right way to your request.

    These images are so beautiful. I too love the image of Margie and Lili, really special. I cut my baby's hair too this week and I had the very same reaction! But in my case it was a preview of the teenager she will become. x

  4. Looks like a good weekend despite the bad stuff. I wish she'd take the products out of her Big Cartel store too. I sent her an email there. I'm still in shock over how blatant the copying was (the product details, the photos). Pretty hard to understand.

    I love that photo of Piper. I identify with your reaction to the haircut--those moments when you see your children growing and changing right in front of your eyes.

  5. it was so lovely to see you and john. Lili, Tamara and I were thrilled.

  6. I agree, that photo of Oma Margie with Lilith is so precious! I also LOVE Piper's adorable face looking at the cake and all of John's layers :-) I'm looking forward to enjoying that porch with all of you.

    It really bugs me that copycats NEVER own the fact that they stole the idea from you. They always come up with the lamest excuses :-(

    I love this tweet about copycats I read on my feed yesterday:

    "When you rip someone off, you're immediately competing with someone more interesting, innovative & experienced than you. It's sad really."

    1. that tweet put a smile on my face
      we are all so excited for your visit

  7. Les photos magnifiques Arounna, je suis fan de votre travail, et la nouvelle lentille a l'air super!! c'est une 50mm?

  8. Congrats on Piper's birthday! And I too love Margie and her little one.A great photo and a great smile she has. I am not going on facebook often so I don't know what happened but hopefully things will clear!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. hi ariadne, oh it was my sister-in-laws birthday

  9. This is indeed a very beautiful picture of Margie and Lili - what a great smile she has, and we seldom see her on her own blog, though she posts wonderful pictures of Lili (and of nature around :o)

    And the light on them is just perfect.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    Don't worry too much about the other events - they truly don't matter in the long run.

  10. Beautiful photos ... I just bought two new lenses but wide angle ones. Now to find the time to play around with them! I don't know how you do it! So sorry to hear about the copying issues you had to deal with. Luckily you have such a wonderful strong style that no one can get away with copying your work. Keep strong and keep doing what you love because we love it!


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