so since I got the new lens I go around the house taking photos of things, I don't know why but I like to get real close, j thinks I'm funny because when I get something new I am really excited and can't stop talking about it and I think the kids are picking up on it. because piper said to me "is your lens your new friend?" - I have a really busy weekend, getting orders out - you can see why taking on wholesale orders is a bit impossible with my production schedule.

tomorrow night is nuit blanche we are debating going, to be honest I really loved it the first year and subsequent years it just wasn't that exciting and it had to be awesome since we had to drag the kids out in the cold and bribing them with sweet treats, and that could only last for so long.  we might have a go at it this year and not stay out too late.  j and I have been working hard on the fabric calendar and we should be able to launch it next week,  there were elements of last years calendar that we absolutely loved so we are keeping some familiar elements. I can't wait to show you.   I love how well we work together and how great our work compliments each other.  I'm lucky to have j as a partner.

I am going to be buried in sewing all weekend, come by and say "hi" - we will be closing a bit early on sunday to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. hey margie - I'll be in your hood,  I hope you will be around sunday, I want to come by and see you.

have a great weekend friends! xxa


  1. I'm exactly like you, and love to get up close to capture details with my lens ! You'll have so much fun with it !
    Looking forward to seeing the new calendar towel, I've been displaying mine for two years now. And loved this year (well last year, for you !) so much, so happy there'll be elements of it in the new one !

  2. absolili ( translation = alsolutely)

  3. Maybe now you'll be signing things: a + j + l + p + mnl. :)

    Those are sweet buttons/badges.

  4. I love the photos with your new lens! and I loved looking around your beautiful home when I visited last year, so have so many cool and well curated little corners.


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