hi everyone,
we're back - well rested and all ready for our new school schedule - last year lliam was in sk and he was in the afternoon class and was gone for 2.5 hrs, it's hard to get much done before having to go pick him up - so this fall he's there all day. he's super excited and went to bed really early - he wanted to be well rested.

inbetween laying on the beach with the kids and having bond fires and exploring the town - during the evenings I finished my paper calendar, this one is pretty amazing, j kept commenting all weekend how much he loved it - I will get a printed proof this week and once I okay the colours I will get the first run printed, I can't wait to show you. I am hoping to have some for sale at the outdoor craft show I'm doing next weekend.

my mom + dad are leaving tomorrow so there's a bit of a panic and also a calm - tonight there will be a big dinner at our house with j's family and my siblings. my mom likes to leave with a bang.

on the way home from the cottage j wanted to stop at this garden that is part of an old mansion, on the highway it's hard not to notice the large old barns, when we pulled up to the house there was no one and just a big sign that says here's the map, don't explore in the non path areas and have fun. not seeing a soul in sight made me a bit reluctant - have you ever seen the movie "the shining" - um yeah - my creep factor was rising, but j was curious, so the kids and I go exploring with him. the grounds were massive and there were little pathways that lead to multiple gardens and large areas of green and as we get to the far back section I say to j, "yeah to top off the whole "shining" creep factor all you need is a hedge maze" - and what do you know there was a huge maze - we heard small children laughing and I said, "where did these kids come from we were the only cars?" j said "don't be silly" lliam and piper ran in behind him, the whole time they were in the maze I kept saying to myself I should of known from the horror films I've watched, you shouldn't stand outside by yourself, it turned out that the kids and the parents were lovely and visiting from quebec. as we were headed out more cars pulled up and a woman asked what I thought of the gardens and I said it was creepy and she said cool and ran to get her kids from the car.
thank you summer you were wonderful, we'll miss you!
have a great start to your week friends! xxa


  1. I love this post! Made me smile. I think I would have felt like you. Plus, I hate being somewhere if I'm not 100% sure I should be there. (I annoy myself sometimes.) Can't wait to see the calendar.

    1. glad I'm not the only one :-)
      I hope you will like the calendar - can't wait!

  2. Arounna, I'm glad you stopped at the "creepy" mansion garden....your pictures are stunning. You capture your chuildren's playful spirits so well and the feel of the gardens. I can't wait to see your calendar and hope your farewell celebration with your parents and family is wonderfully fun tonight.

  3. what a gorgeous garden!!!...
    yup I would have been a little nervous too.
    Thank you for my pouch, it arrived in the mail last night! I LOVE it :-)
    Have a good day.

  4. Your calendar images are looking lovely.
    If you visited us there are plenty of creepy gardens I could take you to!

  5. i love creepy gardens
    and scary forests
    but the 401 in the middle of the night with only little old me in my car surrounded by truckers and orange pylons , now that freaks me out


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