thanks allyson for sending these photos, it made us all smile
"rocks for sale"


  1. how I love these images
    I remember us doing the same
    with shells from the North Sea

    fine day!
    and your fine bag is my favorite
    when traveling

    Patrice A.

  2. This is adorable. Made me think of a Farside cartoon about a man who was such a good salesman, he sold refrigerators to eskimos. This little fella is quite the entrepreneur!

  3. Oh! I have a stack of photos just like this from when my girls were younger! They often sold rocks that they dug up in the yard + washed with the hose and also happily collected the stray yarn from our knitting projects, wound it into tiny balls and sold it, too! We still giggle over the darling 'yarn for sale' signs they hung at the end of our front sidewalk :) I love to see the budding entrepreneurial spirit!

  4. I would've bought them all .-)


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