yesterday I was happy to be able to put some time aside to photograph these new snap wallets - I am only spacing them out, because it's a lot of work to post so many at once. you can preview them on the site and they will be available at 2pm EST today!

I will spend my day finishing off a pile of bucket totes, I made the new ones an inch shorter and I will have some for sale online - I am mainly making them for upcoming craft shows.
I hope you have a great weekend! - check out the fb giveaway later today


  1. works of art
    each and every one

  2. Looove these, missed my favorite one last time. Do you think you'll be making (or have any) from the green leaves pattern again?

    1. hi kate
      I think I do - could you email me and I will let you know which one I have
      glad you like them :-)

  3. I love how you combine the different fabric patterns.

  4. I love the pattern combinations, beautiful.
    BTW, my small triangle day bag is going everywhere with me - it's a perfect little summer bag!


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