so the great thing about making bags - is that you always get to keep one for yourself LOVE this one - I hope you do too!!
similar in many ways to the small totes we made in the past, some of the changes is the lining and the handles, I especially love how I changed the pocket to cover the entire width and sewn it in the middle to help you keep organized - this style will be available in the lines and triangle pattern (available next week)
it's been insanely busy here, my parents and j have been helping so hard with the huge amount of orders we have, so far we've been on top of things, enough to include this lovely SM RAIN TOTE in the shops here and here
enjoy your day! and thanks for keeping us busy :-)


  1. i use my lines tote everyday to hold my camera
    I may need to get a companion for it soon

  2. Yes, this might rank as one of my favourites! Love the proportions!

  3. It's beautiful! I love the proportions of it. So happy you've been insanely busy ♥ You guys deserve every bit of success that comes your way! Love you xoxox

  4. that was a lovely story...love that it became a family effort!


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