zip tote window:triangle zip tote lines
more new bags - zip tote windows/triangle and zip tote lines (love these totes) - I was using mine and it's so practical and when I put my bag down I don't have to worry about anything falling out, I love the large interior pocket for grabbing something quick.
the response has been great to the ones I posted yesterday - thanks to everyone who bought one - I can't wait for you to see it in person!
I will be a speaker at the etsy toronto meet up - please rsvp to attend limited space available.


  1. in my heart i want one of each
    and now that I have so much more empty space in my home
    well ......

  2. They are stunners! I wish I could have them all (I almost do!)

  3. so beautiful and practical. it's so satisfying when an idea works out so well. how about making diaper bags or a bag with a leather loop on each end of the zipper to attach to a stroller?

  4. These are beautiful - any chance you'll be making another one of these?

    1. yes - as soon as I get more of the hemp canvas - it's proving to be quite difficult.

    2. please keep us posted - I am absolutely coveting one!

  5. love the top one, just gorgeous!


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