ziptote rain LGPO VEES OLIVE WAX ziptote vees
hello everyone,
thanks so much for all your comments for the giveaway - glad to hear there are so many tea drinkers out there - I do love earl grey and green tea. the random winner chosen is carissa - congratulations! (email me your info).

I have a lot of info to share with you, but I wanted to start the week with pictures of the new zipper totes as well as a change in fabric for large pouch vees. I tend to fuss with my designs and j helps with a lot of the decision process, it's hard sometimes, 'cause I will ask, "okay if you were a girl, would you like this?" - the first prototype I showed you had the straps attached outside, since the straps were not as heavy as the bridle leather I thought that it would have a more simple look if I put the straps on the inside and reinforced it with one rivet. I love how it turned out, I will have the vees one and the anemone one for sale as a prototype (these two designs will be for sale later in the week with the changes), so if you don't mind the straps being on the outside, go here for a great deal and the zip tote rain and the new large pouch vees are also in the shop at the regular price.
I'll see you back here tomorrow, for now have a happy monday! - xxa


  1. it was so nice to see you this weekend

  2. John is an awfully good sport, isn't he? :)

  3. Yay! I've emailed you my address :)

    I love the color combination of the vees with the dark olive/khaki waxed canvas. These bags are fantastic.

  4. i love these totes both ways - with the straps on the outside and tucked in. i am also hoping you will bring the dundas tote back again. i think that is the perfect sized everyday bag.

  5. The vees with waxed canvas and leather is just a gorgeous combo, I love it!

  6. I can't believe those are both sold out already! I actually liked the straps on the outside :)


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