last night's chilly evening walk made me miss the warm sunshine of mexico - I could of spent hours photographing and looking at all the varieties of geninne's succulent garden. I am slowly gathering a few, will show you photographs when I have a good collection going. it's been crazy here with usual studio work buzzing, but the kids are busy now too. they're little and I don't want them to feel overwhelmed, every few hours we try to encourage them to do a drawing here and there, the city of craft show is fast approaching. we're really excited, since it will be a real family affair.
p.s. j says thanks for all your kind comments about his work.


  1. All my plants are succulents. They are so sweet looking and are hardy enough to withstand my accidental but inevitable neglect...

  2. i am really missing the warmth too, of the sun and the people
    but at least the sun is shining on this cool morning and deborah is awaiting her flight home

  3. I couldn't agree more about succulents, I've been growing a slight addiction & hope to bring more home !
    How much I love these now !! xoxo

  4. Beautiful photos! It's so weird to see my house here, good weird :-) Love the lighting in your pics!

  5. Those cactus are so adorable... we just planted some in our garden :) its such a beautiful touch!

  6. We just posted a DIY vertical garden method....perhaps we can move our cactus to this method! its adorable....give it a shot and let us know what you think! Enjoy! Have a beautiful long victoria weekend! whoo hoo!!



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