I just finished a bunch of these bags for the CofC show coming up in a few days. I will have lots of interesting things for sale, our usual work plus remnant fabric and seconds, I will also have leather remnants. I am calling this bag a triangle smday (I will have it available online after the weekend) - it's similar in every way to the day bag, but just a bit smaller.
I hope you will come to the show - there's a great list of vendors, and it's only $1 admission.


  1. Ooh how I wish I could come!

    I love the shape of this bag. Small and deep.

  2. cant wait to see liam and p's table

  3. Wish I could come, too! What a fantastic admission price - absolutely unheard of! So nice to know it's affordable to anyone - have a wonderful sale!

  4. I'd love to visit your booth and of course l + p's booth :-)


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