hello there,
well what a whirlwind few days, craft show madness is over till late november, when we do it all over again. I am so touched and overwhelmed by all of your support. this years success is owed to all of you that came by to show your support. I had such a great time meeting all of you, I kept saying to j that it felt like a reunion. there is no time for rest yet, I have all day tomorrow to cut and print and also to pack for my week trip to sunny mexico. I think it will be a late day for me today, I can sleep on the plane. I'm thinking that I will be able to take photos on my ipad and will upload them on fb, I will also be bringing my camera to take lots of photos, I will do my best to update you here on the blog, but do visit me on fb.

of course while I'm away I will miss the kids and j, there won't be much rest for j while I'm away, he has so many projects to finish up, he has been wonderful helping me with the show and now it's time for him to bury himself in his studio. when people meet me in person, the first thing most of them say is "how do you do it all?" and my answer is always "john" and for the past few months, my mom too

the photo is a leaf on a shelf in my bedroom, when j proposed to me - it was near this tree (not sure what kind of tree it is) - it reminds me of that special day.
happy monday! xxa


  1. Your work is very inspiring and beautiful. Congratulations.
    The leaf seems to me a leaf from magnolia tree.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's a magnolia leaf! My grandfather had a magnolia tree in his garden when I was a child, I loved it :)

  3. It looks like a magnolia tree leaf to me. It is great having a harmonious relatioship! Have a great time in Mexico and give all my regards to the girls you will be meeting with!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. That's such a sweet reminder! I like to keep souvenirs like that from holidays we've had; so much better than the 'official' ones.

  5. See you tomorrow!!! :-) That John sure is a keeper, hope the next trip down here includes him and the kids!

  6. What a lovely post. Have a wonderful trip!

  7. Arounna it was wonderful to talk to you at the Show! You're very inspiring! Have a wonderful, well-deserved, week off! :)

  8. Travel safe dear Arounna, and have the bestest break ever !
    Please give M & G the biggest hugs & kisses from me !


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