I finally finished p's quilt made from all my linen remnants and p doing what she loves most, building oddities.

I am having such a fun time chatting with everyone who comes by, it's kind of like a reunion of sorts. it's been hard being at the show all day and coming home to sew, but I will be in sunny mexico in a matter of days, can't wait! if you havn't yet made it to see the show,I hope to see you on the weekend - so many wonderful vendors and makers at the show - support handmade!
have a wonderful weekend friends! xxa


  1. see you on the weekend and of course then early tuesday morning at the airport!!!!

  2. I can't imagine how you found the time to finish a quilt! You are wonderwoman. You definitely deserve a break. I'm so happy for you that you will be heading to see sweet Geninne soon.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. Piper reminds me so much of Emma at that age. She was always constructing something amazing! Bon voyage. (I've tried leaving a comment a few times today and I keep getting an error message.)

  4. I am so wishing I was joining you and Margie with Geninne in her magical home!

    Have a wonderful show and even more wonderful trip! Can't wait to "hear" from all of you about your gathering!

  5. the quilt is so beautlful - your daughter will cherish it for life!

  6. Think you could make me that same exact quilt but in king size before Tuesday? ;-) Four more sleeps and you're here!!!


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