there is so much joy for small kids during christmas - leading up to the big day and on the big day. they are little enough to still believe in the mysticism that is santa claus - and yes if you wrap a present and sign it santa they believe it is from santa and wishes do come true....sigh, I wish everything could be so straightforward and simple, I guess that's the joy of childhood. as you can see the first photo of lliam is blurry, he was so excited and couldn't stay still and taking a group photo of the kids isn't easy - the little one had to be bribed with chocolate. piper enjoyed all her presents, especially the sushi kit. in the photo she is making me a special maki roll. tonight we will have a rerun of the weekend with my family.


  1. i love that group photo!
    and i want some sushi too

  2. children + Christmas = joy

    Happy celebrations with your family, Arounna. We are leaving today (going east and then west) to do the same. :)

  3. love these photographs
    please say hello to all of your family for us.

  4. Yes! Please tell little P that Barbara and I would be very happy with a maki roll as well :) BIG hug you guys xoxo


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