I think that I'm the easiest person to buy a gift for, I love just about anything, and I'm also a practical girl, for instance one year my in-laws bought me a power washer (used for stripping my screens) for my birthday - I was over the moon. I got a lot of wonderful gifts this year, these are a few favourites. presents from the sister-in-laws, vintage thimbles used by the sewers in john's family (all so gorgeous, and what's not to love about thimbles) my other sister-in-law went to the craft show and decided that renaud's work would be our favourite - great guess! - not sure if you remember my post on his little ceramic bowl with the paw - this bowl is the same technique, and a box of vintage casted dark chocolates from margie - margie lives 15 minutes away from my in-laws and a visit was definitely a must.
on another note - yesterday was an exciting day for our little piper - she used the toilet for the first time. when we tried to potty train lliam it was such an ordeal - we had tried so hard and did every technique/trick in the book and he just wouldn't go for it, one day without us coaxing or trying he just walked to the bathroom. so with piper we didn't even begin with the tricks, just asked her all the time would you like to use the potty? she had a tell tale sign when she was about to go, she would wiggle and dance a bit. so last night she did her little wiggle and john said would you like to use the potty? and she said yes. so fingers crossed that we are on the right path.


  1. big thimble lover myself you know
    and yippee for lil p
    I trained my nephew when he was visiting one summer and his parents went on a little weekend away
    Everytime he went in the toilet he would run madly around the house shouting "big news, big news"

  2. From the past couple of posts it looks like y'all had a very Merry Christmas. My family members all loved their bookhou designed towels and pouches. Love your gifts and insure you are loving that lil p has started her toilet training. I hope 2012 will bring many blessings to you, John, Liam and Lil P. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve in the coming year! xo Rendell

  3. thanks rendell
    I'm so happy the bookhou wares were a hit
    have a wonderful and creative new year!
    much love from me and the clan.

  4. que luxo esses dedais!
    lindos...adoro passear no seu blog!
    muito sensível e talentosa....bons ventos e bom ano novo!


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