hello there,
I hope you had a nice weekend - we ended the craft show yesterday and unfortunately I missed most of it because I was sick, but john held the fort nicely. we had a great show - thank you to all of you that helped us to make it successful - we appreciate your support.
I have a lot of errands to do and at the end of the day I was invited by fellow vendors to get a mani-pedi, I don't get them often, and it would be a nice treat. I don't normally wear nail polish so maybe just a buff. I am going to take a week off during the holidays - it will be a good time to stew ideas. I am already stewing and I wanted to show you some drawings. I may or may not use them, but I thought you would like to see the process. I am very excited to show you new work, in the coming weeks I will show you bits and pieces. I feel so behind on gifts this year - we try our best to give handmade, I find it's getting harder to give handmade gifts to the kids, there's toys they want that we can't make, like lego.
I hope you have a great start to your week!
much love friends, xxa


  1. think of legos as art supplies--they enable you to make things. our boys usually want a particular set, and then make something completely original out of them.

    love the twiggy drawings.

  2. Lovely artwork - simple and charming!

  3. Good morning from Greece!
    I love the page from your drawing pad. It would look perfect framed don't you think?So colourful and neat!
    Don't worry about not giving only handmade as Lego is a marvellous type of toy for children I assure you. My son spent hours playing and making things with it. It improves finger dexterity and imagination too.AriadnefromGreece!

  4. i love all the fresh color in your sketchbook
    I was going to drop by this weekend but someone here had the norwalk stomach flu and didn't want to risk passing it on to you and your family while you were recovering.
    Lego and playmobil were the only two nontoxic plastic toys I allowed into our home when the kidlets were young.
    I thought of getting some of these for my nephews though.

  5. i love those pops of color in the first image!

  6. you've been ever so busy this year
    you need to take care of yourself
    a mani-pedi sounds like fun, I hope you'll enjoy
    I am eager to see your lastest sketches !!
    PS : I know what you mean about handmade gifts & children. I must say I am stuck.
    get well soon my friend

  7. Thanks for sharing I always love to peek at peoples thought process.

  8. That's a lovely tree. I hope you're feeling much better now, Arounna - now I know why I didn't see you at the ooak show.

  9. I think Legos are some of the best toys there is.
    My experience is that my best students have allways played with Lego as children.
    So even if it's not handmade, it can be a good gift in many ways.

  10. Your drawings look beautiful- I love the colour combinations you've used. All the best with your time off, sounds like you need it :)


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