the canoe ornaments are in the shop - lisa's craftsmanship is astounding - we are in the process of moving things around in the shop and studio - I like where it's going. I am in the midst of having a double door put in where my window is now - I think it will really open up my cutting and printing area.
piper looks more and more like a little girl and the toddlerness is almost gone. she will be three soon and she is so pleased that she has enough hair to do pigtails.


  1. Can the canoe ornaments be purchased online somewhere? They are beautiful!

  2. I'm so glad the fleet has reached you safely! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Your little one is so cute. My youngest is that age, she'll be three in a few weeks, and has just gotten pigtails too. It really makes her look like a little girl instead of a baby. I don't know if I'm ready for that transition...

  3. i agree about lisa and piper.
    I love how lisa wrapped the parcel.
    She is one very special gal

  4. The canoes are so sweet...not to mention that little girl. I wonder what she is thinking about in that photo? :)

  5. there's a lot of you in her face

    can't wait to see the new doors: such wonderful light you'll have

  6. oh piper! her pigtails are so cute on her!!

  7. Oooh this would make a great small gift. How much are they going for Arounna?

  8. thanks everyone

    the canoe ornaments
    will not be available online - just in the shop
    you can email me if you want one
    I am selling them for $13

    I'm assuming they will go fast

  9. I love everything that Lisa makes!
    Little P is getting cuter and cuter by the minute :-)

  10. Pretty packaging :) and pretty little pigtails!

  11. how cute is piper?! when i saw that pic, it instantly reminded me of the cute girl from monsters inc. :)


  12. Piper pictures always make me smile and so does anything Lisa makes. Those canoes will fly out of your shop :)


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