when I went to the textile museum in may for their annual yard sale - I picked up this piece of heavy weight linen with all this embroidery. my intention was to embroider on top of it, but I decided to cut it up and make three small oblong pouches. I really like the quality of the stitches and how it is fragmented. they are for sale here.
I also wanted to mention we were asked by the textile museum to be part of their re design event taking place this fall - they asked designers and architects to redesign and re-imagine Louis XVI-style armchairs. we already got our chair and john is in the process of stripping it to it's bare minimum, the chairs are quite big so we will have our hands busy. I will show you pictures closer to the event.


  1. i bet your chair will be amazing
    those pouches are so dear

  2. Beautiful...can't wait to see the chair finished!!!
    Have a good day.

  3. So, so pretty. I love the weight of the linen in contrast with the delicate embroidery.

  4. They are lovely, Arounna! So delicate. Beautiful! :-)

  5. oh my word, look at how gorgeous these pouches were !! (since they have already flewn from the sheves !)
    Looking forward to see the chair, I know already it will be mind blowing !
    oxox hugs to all

  6. These are so gorgeous. I am a huge fan of making use of all the beautiful vintage needle work. I make pins out of worn or damaged vintage embroidery and cross stitch: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicalGrammar?ref=si_shop

    Your pouches are great. I love seeing such different material in your signature pouch form.

  7. Would have loved one of these little pouches. So dear.


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