I just wanted to pop in quickly to say "hi" - I hope you had a lovely weekend. I've been glued to my sewing machine all weekend (thank you so much to all of you for placing an order and keeping me busy - I love it!) - this juki hand me down is a great little work horse - I use it for all the heavy sewing - I was contemplating getting a new one with all the bells and whistles, but as I get to know this machine, I'm getting rather attached - so for now we'll remain together. lil' p has found a nice place to hang-out, under my work table.
see you tomorrow! xxa


  1. I love your Juki and those lil toes!

  2. i just want to tickle those adorable toes

  3. My mom had her own interior design shop when I was little and I remember climbing over the rolls and bolts of fabric. There was one particular space that my sisters and I used to play "house" in. Your photo brought back so many memories. :)


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