our shop has looked pretty empty so john put up some of our art work - these drawings are done with templates and charcoal dust - john found a photo of his process - when I get a chance to scan it - I will post it. he was thinking of doing more and getting giclee prints done - giclee prints are kind of like a good quality photocopy. there's a place in toronto called pikto that does some nice printing.


  1. these are very cool! i was so happy to see that one of you made them, too.

  2. John is so talented! I'm so glad you'll be offering prints!

  3. i love all of john's work
    and pikto is my favorite printing place
    i showed it to geninne and sonia when we walked around the distillery district

  4. Oh that visit to the Destillery was wonderful! I remember Pikto but what I most remember was the crazy good paninis we ate there! :)

  5. These are incredible! I'd love to see the process too :)

  6. yes, I remember Pikto, I wish we had something like that over here ... sigh
    you & J have to be the most creative couple ever
    love you, guys


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