hello friends,
this week sure flew by - my two friends are home safely now - I miss them both.
I wanted to show you some new bags added to the etsy shop. the indigo dipped market tote is a big favourite of mine. I made this bag during our dyeing party - this indigo vat that margie made is a bit different from the one julie has made. this what I like about natural dyeing - all the lovely variations. I also made only a limited number of the cloud field bag - made with an adjustable strap plus a snap closure - I have more to show you next week plus new prints.
on the weekend I have a special brunch date with two lovely ladies here and here.
enjoy your weekend friends - thanks so much for visiting! I appreciate your comments, feedback and advice. xxa


  1. indigo, so nice, and anemone, beautiful ... I wish I could buy them all... can't wait to receive my anemone bag

  2. did you over dye your market bag in pomegranate and iron?
    It looks wonderful , like it is filled with ocean waves on a grey stormy day.

  3. Your blog is a big inspiration for me.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks everyone
    yes - margie I over dyed it with the pomme and iron

  5. Your indigo bag looks like it dipped its toes in the ocean!

  6. i love that indigo dipped bag - i only wish i'd seen it before it was snapped up! and Kathleen above is right - it has been dipped in the waves! hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. First time at your blog...beautiful images! xo

  8. OMG I love the way you changed it !!! I love the way M sees things, it looks so exactly like ocean waves on a stormy day. Perfect. Damn it, I was probably on the plane (or in the airports) when it got sold. I hope you'll make more of indigo dip dyed products.
    I miss you, and P & L & J. You are fantastic, guys.


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