hello friends,
wow - what a week - I hope on the weekend you have a chance to relax and do some crafting.
there's a little table with two little chairs next to my sewing machine - the kids use this table for all kinds of things, drawing, eating, playing and it's nice to have them next to me and we can chat while we both work. sometimes it's hard to chat with lliam when he's assembling lego - such intense concentration.
one more bag prototype - it's called an egg bag (I made ones similar to this years ago, but it didn't have a zipper)
thanks again for visiting - enjoy your weekend - I can't believe school starts in three weeks - where did the summer go? xxa
p.s. see this wood hook thing that is in my photos - well we've been getting lots of emails if we have them for sale - I finally convinced john to make more - so in the shop soon.


  1. aw, I love seeing L working on his Lego, he looks so focused & busy, so great for him, and for you too !
    Ah ! another great bag ! Keep them coming ! And the wood hook ? John makes the best furniture ever !

  2. i love each and every new bag
    maybe i could be the bookhou bag princess:)
    also I would love a skirt in this pattern

  3. Indeed, where did the summer go??? Having too much fun, I guess.

    Love the shape of your new bag!

  4. John's work looks so retro on this bag
    i love the rivets too!

  5. L and his Legos is the cutest thing!
    @M: I was thinking the same thing! As skirt in that pattern would be awesome.
    Another beautiful bag A! The pattern looks great.

  6. WOW!!! Awsome bag, you are always so inspiring in your work and in person. Great job!

  7. It's so nice that you can all work on your own things, but be together at the same time. and I love that bag, but why would I be surprised - I love all your bags.

  8. I'm having 'bookhou at home blog' withdrawals :) I miss you A!

  9. Just stumbled upon you blog. Beautiful bags.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous bag!! I hope it might end up on Etsy or so... who knows?! All the best to you. Enjoy last bits of summer chillouts!


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