hello friends,
the fam and I just returned from a much needed break at the cottage - beautiful weather, dipping in refreshing water and great food - and of course great company.
I went without internet for a few days and it was great, but also a bit of anxiety. no joke, but I get about a hundred emails a day - so I got a pretty full inbox when I checked it today. this week I'm sure will go by quickly for me getting ready for the street fair on saturday and getting out some wholesale orders. I have a new design I wanted to give you a peek.
have a fantastic start to your week and I will see you tomorrow! xxa


  1. What a good idea...to unplug.

    Love your daughter's cottage curls. :)

  2. I love the pics and the new design is great.

  3. such a joy to see P's & L's adorable faces !
    so glad you could unplug this past weekend
    hoping you can catch up with everything this week
    big hugs oxox

  4. I tought a class and we did a similar bag design, so I have a similar pile of fabric pieces for the students.

  5. I love piper's hair in the first photo! And she looks like she is concentrating hard on something!
    love the new design arounna! hope you're having a lovely week!

  6. that little pouch is awesome - doesn't hurt that the print is in my favourite colour either! such sweet shots from the cottage - love P's wild hair.

  7. 100 emails a day!! that sounds exhausting.

    sweet vacation photos.

  8. That first picture of Piper is breathtaking! Would be so lovely enlarged and on the wall. Glad you had a lovely time away with your family too.


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