it's been a few weeks since school concluded and I think lliam is really missing school- the question every other day is "when do I go back to school?", "is it september - yet?" - I would be lying if I said I didn't miss just a few hours a day with him away. a few hours a day makes a huge difference in our ability to accomplish a certain task. john and I have always had the kids at home and we have always manage to work by sharing our parenting duties and always trying our best to do fun excursion with the kids when we can - it's not always easy and can be stressful, especially when your preparing for a craft show, but I am very lucky to have great kids who can entertain themselves. the other day lliam set himself up on one of my tables and started to paint. he loves to paint - hours will pass and he is completely content.


  1. and he is really really good at it too
    i am smiling at the black sun
    it has been so hot these last few days and nights I thought it might burn up too

  2. wow, obviously talent and creativity runs deep in this family!

  3. he is really good at it indeed, my goodness !!
    looking forward to meeting you all ! Not too long now !

  4. Please please print some fabric with liam's lovely drawings on it - to make into a kid's bag! Perfect for a book/art supplies/cars/treasure bag!

  5. He's great at painting! Here the works of art of my little boy are more chaotic, need assistance and don't take hours... so enjoy! ;-)

  6. i miss those days with my kids.
    it is such a special time for all

    it is hard sometimes to be in the moment and let the pressures back off

  7. Arounna, Liam is amazing! His drawings are so good.


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