hello friends,
I hope you had a lovely weekend - here in toronto it was sooo hot - thank goodness for the air conditioning. there was also a steady hum in the air from the indy race by the water. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to tell me about yourself - I enjoyed it reading your comments immensely! and appreciate your visits here.
the random winner is Lourdes L. Mayorga - congratulations!! - please send me an email and I will mail it to you right away!
this week will be a busy week before I leave for muskoka on thursday evening. I will take lots of photos and really excited to be taking a break from making. above is a new version of the field bag - (later in the week I will be posting a limited amount of the original cloud field bag in the etsy shop). I really like this bag - it's the perfect size for all the things you need for your day. this bag will also have an inside pocket and a snap closure, but I thought I would offer this bag for sale as a prototype (it doesn't have a pocket or snap closure) but still very lovely.
enjoy the start to your week! xxa


  1. be still my heart ... that fabric (linen I assume ?) + leather = big big love ...
    good luck with your busy week, I have one of these too ;-) (only 4 days !)
    take care ! oxoxo

  2. it was nice to see you yesterday and that bag looks even more amazing ( if that is possible in person)

  3. Sweet bag! Good luck getting everything done before you leave for your well-deserved break!

  4. I'm so bad in english... j'aime l'atmosphère qui se dégage de ton blog, tes créations, leur simplicité merci pour toutes ces jolies choses!

  5. This is a great summer bag! Where is Muskoka? Sounds intriguing!

  6. thanks everyone

    white tapestry- muskoka is north of toronto about a 2hr drive - it's cottage country, lakes, rocks and trees - part of the Canadian shield. they also have a strong arts and crafts community and once a year they do a popular outdoor craft show - that's been around for 34 years.

  7. Here's another bag that I NEED! Actually I NEED every single Bookhou bag ever made ;)
    I wanna go to Muskoka with you! It sounds amazing. 10 more days girls!!!!

  8. Arounna, this bag is beautiful!!! And I completely agree with Geninne about your bags... :-)

  9. that long skinny strap is perfect with the bag. i totally need one too!


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