okay so there's still flurries here - I won't complain - it will only get warmer - right?
I am so happy with how this bag turned out - it's printed with my sprout print (which I can't get enough of right now) - I basically made a larger version of the two tone tote bag. this large tote bag is a wonderful size - great for shopping or for carrying all your gear. I also made them with the lines, field, and triangle pattern. once they are all photographed and ready I will let you know when it's posted on the online shop. you will notice the fabric is a bit wrinkly - most of my printed fabric is pre-washed - the washing removes any starch that is put into the fabric - by doing this it makes it accept the ink much better - it also gives it a nice worn in look. I have spent the past three days making bags for the shop and wholesale orders. I find for the most part when I work in a process where I only do one thing at a time it really helps the production speed, some of the time I will have several things on the go - this results in my studio being littered with unfinished work. by doing this intense and focused way of working - the result is a great sense of accomplishment having big piles of completed work.
today is a busy day - I will be at harbourfront craft studios as an advisor/juror during interviews for the artist in residence program in the textile studio.


  1. This bag looks great. Thank you for posting about your fabric being wrinkly as when I was printing onto some calico I washed it first and it was wrinkly and I wondered if that mattered? Looking at your lovely bag I can see that it doesn't.

  2. Arounna, this bag is seriously gorgeous!

  3. and silly me
    i thought your bags couldn't get any better
    have a great day at harbourfront

  4. I love this design! Is this block printed or screen printed? So beautiful..

  5. Couldn't have said it better than Margie :)

  6. thanks everyone -your all so sweet.

    hi carly- it's been sreen printed


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