I am working on many things these days - one of the aspects of being a maker/designer and owning a small business is that the list of things to do is long and the list seems to go in a circle - just when I thought I caught my breath there's more to do. I forgot that this weekend is easter and a holiday. I think my family and I will take a fews days off - to recharge.
one of the things on my to do list is to develop my other work that isn't production based. I wanted to show you a close-up of the composition series watercolours that I am using as a reference for the natural dyed piece. I was talking with lizz from the textile studio at harbourfront and I am really interested in taking her one day polychromatic printing workshop - if you can imagine it's like watercolour painting on fabric using dye - way cooler than the way I'm explaining it. I think her next class is early may. let me know if you want more info - it's a pretty awesome screen printing technique. I know a similar method but it's for paper using food colouring and meant only for paper - will give you a tutorial on that at a later date. I plan on using the polychromatic technique for the background of a special tea towel collaboration - more info on that soon.....(ok a little hint - the person I'm collaborating with is a certain someone who does wonderful watercolours and loves birds as much as I do).
oh a few other things - I will be having a SPRING SALE soon (sometime on the weekend) - this one is pretty awesome - it will be for things I am no longer making and seconds - the items will be on sale for $15 or less. I will be sending out a newsletter letting you know the date and time it will start - sign up for the bookhou list so you don't miss out.


  1. what a beautiful technique to use and I know just what you mean. If the collaboration is with who I think it is then it's going to be beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you make at the workshop.

  2. The collaboration sounds perfect! As does the new technique. Looking forward to the sale! Hope also to get to see you before tooooo long.


  3. really pretty! polychromatic screen is super fun and you always get interesting results.

  4. it's funny you mention the workshop - i was looking at that exact workshop a couple of weeks ago, and wanting to take the class. very interested in what can be done and the type of results you can get with it.

    looking forward to the sale, btw!

  5. I'm very curious for that technique, love the watercolour :)

  6. If only I could enjoy the wonderful workshops you teach and talk about. I'm trying to hop over to France and sneak myself into Sonia's hand luggage... shhhhh, don't tell her.

  7. I love this composition, and that collaboration sounds exciting.

    Was so keen on your sale, but our respective time zones (and internet fail) completely zonked it out for me. So pleased it went off really well. xx


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