our booth is taking shape - we usually spend two days setting up - day one is usually the hard walls, shelves, hooks etc. and day two (today) is the merchandising and pricing. I will take photos (if I remember) to show you the changes made to the booth - we moved some furniture around and john built all new shelves and a storage area - these changes makes the booth appear a bit bigger. the image above is a sneak peek to a project that I am working on behind the scenes and it's pretty exciting for me - it depicts three separate designs - can't wait to show you the final result - it will be launched in the next issue of b.a.h mag.
p.s. someone emailed me asking about the big alphabet order awhile back and wanted to know where it was - it's now available at the land of nod a division of crate and barrel. I learned so much from working with this company and have never read a contract that was over 30 pages long.


  1. Is this for the OOAK Show?
    Good Luck with it...not sure if I will make it in to T.O this week.
    Love your patterns.

  2. do you ever sleep??? Your energy is amazing.Good luck with the show.

  3. exciting !!! can't wait to see your booth & BAH#2 !!
    big hugs Arounna xoxo

  4. hope to get to the show on friday

  5. I wish I could go with Margie!!! Please take photos :)


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