hi everyone,
hope your weekend was sunny like ours. it's been a bit of a whirlwind as I push to get a few more things made. tea towel sewing and printing. I couldn't be happier - I like keeping my fingers busy. I have some new baby organic flannel blankets for the show - I love this fabric it's super soft and gets even softer with each wash. I had some requests to make them bigger. I think there will be some in the near future. today is move-in day at the show, I feel like this show crept up fast - it feels like only a few months ago I was tearing down my booth from the winter show.
have a great day! - I think the temperature is going to slowly get warmer (fingers crossed). xxa
**just sitting here having breakfast and saw our work on the marilyn denis show - promoting the ooak show. yeah!


  1. these blankets look so warm & comfy indeed ! Good luck for all the show preps, it's a lot of work, before, during & after, so I wish the best of luck :)
    have a great week ! xoxo

  2. so glad to hear you're on top of it all, unlike last winter when everything was overwhelming.
    Everything looks great! you'll do so well.

  3. Oh I love the textures in these photos (especially the paper in the first photo!). Glad to hear you have been having nice weather, I am hoping for some this week!

  4. everything looks like spring is at bookhou

  5. Love the little bags. Good luck with everything and remember to b r e a t h e ! xo

  6. hey I saw the marilyn show, way to go getting featured.

  7. i just saw the clip of the show that you guys were featured in! so exciting. good luck with the show :)

  8. i saw this too! good on ya!


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