it's been hard getting work done these days - lil p has a cold and she is just miserable - it's only quiet when she naps, but when she's awake she wants all of your attention on her. what can you do - she's only two. after lliam returned from school his cheeks were so rosy and I don't get to take his photos as much as I use to - he's a busy little guy. I like the picture of the two of them - if you look closely at lil p's face her nose is running like mad. here is a picture of my new scarves. I am so pleased with it. I am getting more fabric and making more. john and I stayed up late last night putting the shop together. the middle tables are still being made, but it's so nice to see our shop put back together. yesterday we had someone call and asked if we were closing shop. so nice to see concerned neighbours.
the bright sunshine these days are chasing away the grey blues of winter. enjoy your day! xxa


  1. beautiful scarves
    will these be for sale?
    you kids are adorable

  2. such sweet photos of your children. the scarf is looking too, I'm sure you and Margie had a lot of fun.

  3. lliam is so handsome.
    I love the photo of the two of them as well. lliam looks so caring towards piper.

    yay! glad things are going back to normal in the shop!

  4. gorgeous photographs of the children and you look really good in purple.
    i still haven't had a chance to photograph all of my dyed treasures

  5. grey & light purple go very well together, and they both suit you well :)
    aww aren't they adorable together ? (and individually too LOL)
    poor P, I hope this cold will fade away as fast as possible oxoxo

  6. Beautiful scarves and beautiful children!

  7. such a great pair of photos. both are so adorable. you must be so proud.


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